What is CV Postcode cashback?

If you have a client thinking of buying their first home in the CV postcode area, they could be eligible for £1,000 cashback. Our CV First Home mortgages are part of our commitment to help people get on the property ladder.
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  • Your client(s) is a first time buyer, and never owned a home before
  • The postcode of the property being purchased starts with CV
  • Mortgages are subject to acceptance in accordance with our lending policy at the time of application. 

How to apply?

You must select a product in our first time buyer range with CV in the product name.

How does my client get the cashback?

There’s no need to do anything. The cashback will automatically be paid direct to your client 30 days after completing on their new home.

Why choose Coventry for intermediaries?

  • We offer a range of LTVs, including first time buyer specific products up to 95% LTV.
  • If your client is purchasing outside of the CV postcode area we offer up to £500 cashback on first time buyer specific products, with no fee product options available.
  • We've extended who can make a gift: your clients deposit can now also come from aunts, uncles and adopted children.
  • We allow second charges on family gifted deposits.
  • We'll run a soft credit check at AIP stage. The hard credit check will only be completed once a full application is submitted.
  • We'll accept probationary periods, providing the applicant can prove six months employment in a similar role.
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