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Beyond the bricks: what does a green housing market really look like?

Understand how to position green home improvement products to your clients in line with borrower opinion and demand. Our green housing report highlights key trends and attitudes towards making homes more sustainable.

How to prevent mortgage fraud - a broker's guide

Take a look inside our guide to find helpful tips and reminders to protect your business and your clients from potential mortgage fraud.


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Why the green agenda will shape the future of housing: Part one

We explore consumer demand for sustainability, how you can keep pace and retain clients and the role of the housing sector on UK emissions. 

Why the green agenda will shape the future of housing: Part two

What steps need to be taken to overcome the barriers to improving energy efficiency and to create a greener housing market for all? And how can those of us in the mortgage market help to create a more sustainable future?


Green shoots for a more sustainable future: What action on housing is needed in 2024?

Reaching net zero by 2050 is a priority if we are to get a grip on preventing climate change, and as a B Corp organisation that is committed to ‘going green’, we welcome the government’s latest announcement at the conference of a £1.6bn fund for climate projects.


New build client guide

To help guide clients purchasing a new build property, download our new build guide that maps out the entire journey.


The First Time Buyer Economy 2023/24 Edition

Take a look at our first time buyer report to gain a better understanding of the dynamics in the FTB housing market, including data and insights to help support your future homeowners.

What are Offset mortgages and who are they best suited to?

Ben Williams, Corporate Relationship Manager, explains how your clients could benefit from an Offset mortgage and how they work. Follow the link within the article to claim your CPD points.

Which green home improvements will help your clients most

Need any guidance on green home improvements? Well look no further, this article will show you how to identify the most suitable green home improvements for your clients.

Three steps to helping Buy to Let clients improve their EPC ratings

By using these three steps, you could support your BTL clients with planning sustainable improvements to their properties and improving EPC ratings.

Helping clients to avoid green scams

Read about common scams targeting those who are looking to make their property more ‘Green’ and learn how your clients can avoid falling victim.

Consumer Duty: how can lenders help?

Find out how you can tap into support from lenders on the Consumer Duty.

An opportunity for brokers to support clients in new ways

One size doesn’t always fit all. What’s important to them? Offer flexibility, incentives, service?

Going green: What are we offering and why?

Take a deep dive into our green offerings and how they may help your clients to improve the energy efficiency of their property.

Demystifying green Mortgages

Why are there so many green products on the market? We look at why lenders are focusing on green initiatives and why they’re here to stay.

Broker’s handbook on green homes

Find out everything you need to know about green homes, retrofit and technologies in the Green Finance Institute’s broker handbook.

Why brokers are key to the green agenda

Jonathan Stinton, Head of Intermediary Relationships, highlights the role brokers can take to progress the green agenda. 

How we aim to achieve our net zero plan

This article explores our aim to have a mortgage portfolio with an average EPC rating of C by 2040 as part of our net zero plan.

Product transfers: Why are brokers key? 

With a large number of maturities expected this year, the need for advice will be more important than ever.

Product transfers: Why are brokers key? 

With a large number of maturities expected this year, the need for advice will be more important than ever.

Supporting clients with vulnerabilities 

The FCA says around half of UK adults have one or more characteristics of vulnerability. Our guide explains how to help your clients. 

Remain experts for first time buyers

This generation of FTBs is very tech-savvy, but real broker advice is still vital. Find out how you can stay top of mind at all times.

First time buyer client guide

As a broker you play a huge role in making the dream of owing a home a reality. To help we’ve created a handy guide for you to give to your clients who need that extra support.

First time buyer affordability help

Buying a property can be daunting for FTBs. Help get new borrowers onto the housing ladder and improve your business portfolio.

Navigating new build complexities 

Advising on new builds comes with sets of challenges and complexities for brokers. Explore what to consider when advising your clients.

Act now to help your remortgage clients

Adapting to changing customer habits and keeping up with evolving market trends are just some of the ways you can support your clients.

Our tips on retaining your clients

Maintaining communication with clients and creating long-term relationships with them so they keep coming back is more vital than ever. 

Green mortgage guidance for clients 

In this article, Jonathan Stinton, Head of Intermediary Relationships explores how brokers can help their clients with green mortgages. 

A broker's guide to client retention

Our guide discusses the importance and value of client retention and potential benefits of the remortgage and product transfer market.

Advising next gen first time buyers

In this Best Advice article, Jonathon Stinton, Head of Intermediary Relationships, discusses engaging with a tech minded generation.

De-mystifying offset mortgages – part 1

In this article from Best Advice, Jonathan Stinton, Head of Intermediary Relationships, lifts the lid on offset products.

De-mystifying offset mortgages – part 2

In this second article from Best Advice, Jonathan Stinton, Head of Intermediary Relationships, busts more myths about offset mortgages.  
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