Our service levels

Offer turnaround

The offers issued in the last five working days took an average of: 9 days

No applications are excluded and we measure the time from when we receive the application to when it's offered.

AIPs referred

We are currently working on referred AIPs from: 17/05/2024 to 20/05/2024

We confirm the majority of our AIP decisions immediately through our online system. 

Document processing

We are currently processing documents received from: 16/05/2024

We'll always show the date of the oldest document waiting to be worked on.

Call waiting

Our average call waiting time on the previous working day was:

New Cases - 2 seconds

Case Updates - 19 seconds

Our call waiting times are displayed in seconds and reflect the average time that intermediaries waited for us to answer their calls.

Valuation instructions

We are currently instructing valuations on: Day 1

As a standard we instruct a valuation immediately (on receipt of an application fee, if applicable).
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