Remortgage options

Some of our remortgage products come with a choice of either our Remortgage Transfer Service (RMTS) or cashback.

These are to help your clients with the costs of moving their mortgage from another lender to us. 

Remortgage transfer service

Our remortgage transfer service is designed to take care of the legal requirements when your clients transfer their existing mortgage to a new mortgage product with us.

How the service works

Our service provides a simple way for your clients to remortgage to us. We appoint a conveyancer to act on our behalf, who manages the legal aspects of the mortgage transfer at no extra cost.


To use this service check that it’s available on the mortgage product required and select it on the application form.


If your client is interested in this service you can find more information by downloading the relevant PDF below:


Remortgage Transfer Service Coventry Building Society

Remortgage Transfer Service Godiva Mortgages

The details

Find out more about what is and isn't included in the service below. If your client requires additional chargeable services, such as those listed under 'what's not included', they can instruct our conveyancer, or another solicitor if they prefer. Our conveyancer will confirm any additional costs directly with your client. Please note, your client is responsible for all costs that are not listed under 'what's included'.

What's included

  • Checking that the property provides good security for the new mortgage
  • Completing Land Registry searches
  • Preparing the mortgage deed
  • Preparing non owner-occupier forms
  • Applying for a redemption statement for the existing loan(s) secured on the property
  • Preparing a financial statement for the completion of the new mortgage
  • Handling the remortgage funds received from us (please note, interest will be charged from the day the funds are released to our conveyancer, which may be before the actual completion date)
  • Arranging redemption of the existing first mortgage secured on the property
  • Land Registry fees to register the new mortgage. (Up to a maximum of £30, anything charged above this amount will be your responsibility to pay).

What's not included

  • Resolving title issues including possessory title, shared ownership, notices, restrictions, cautions, matrimonial home rights, equitable charges and other title anomalies
  • Correcting errors in the owner('s) name(s) to enable the mortgage to be registered at the Land Registry
  • Arranging a change of ownership (also referred to as transfer of equity) and any associated costs, including any applicable Stamp Duty or other taxes
  • The cost of returning any documents, such as pre-registration deeds, if applicable. Any recorded delivery, special delivery and other non-standard postal costs incurred when sending correspondence in connection with the remortgage
  • Charges for using same day bank transfer to send funds from the Coventry Building Society Group to our conveyancers
  • Charges for using same day bank transfer to send funds from our conveyancers to existing lenders
  • Charges for sending any surplus funds to your clients by bank transfer
  • Reassigning life insurance policies that are associated with former secured loans
  • The cost of repaying any existing secured loans, including any fees payable and any charges, such as account closure or early repayment charges
  • Fees and costs associated with postponing or repaying second and subsequent loans
  • If the property is leasehold, any related costs such as fees for obtaining the landlord's consent and charges imposed by the landlord
  • The cost of applying for first registration of title where the property to be mortgaged is currently unregistered
  • Charges may apply to each applicant to certify their identification. Your conveyancer will confirm if these fees apply

Remortgage cashback

Some of our remortgage products come with the option to choose cashback instead of our remortgage transfer service to help your client cover any fees as part of moving their mortgage to us, for example conveyancing fees.

How do I choose the remortgage cashback option?

If the mortgage product you've selected states it includes a cashback option, you'll be able to choose this during the application.

You’ll be asked to answer the question “Do you wish to use our remortgage transfer service?”

If you answ­er No, you will be asked to input the details of the solicitor that your client is using - you can check that they are on our panel by visiting Lender Exchange. You’ll then be taken to a cashback screen where you will enter the details of where the cashback should be sent. 

Do all products with a remortgage transfer service also have a cashback option?

Our cashback offer is only included on selected products. Please read the individual product details to see what's included.

When will my client be paid the cashback?

We normally pay the cashback within 30 days following completion into the account you specified during the application process. If your client has not received it after 30 days they should contact our customer service team on 0800 121 8899.

How will my client be paid the cashback?

We’ll pay the cashback into the account you specified during the application. 

What can the cashback be used for?

It’s up to your client. We’ve included it in our remortgage products to help your client pay any fees for transferring their mortgage to us.
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