New business

Submitting and managing cases

How to submit a case

1. Create a case

Use our online application form with helpful guidance notes

What you'll need:

  • To be registered with us
  • To have checked our lending policy
  • To share and confirm agreement from your client to our Privacy notice
  • Please note: for guidance on submitting an existing borrower's case view how to submit a case – existing borrowers

2. Decision in principle (DIP)

Complete questions against affordability and lending policy and receive a DIP

What you'll need:

  • Information about your client's:
  • Mortgage requirements
  • Personal details
  • Employment and income
  • Expenditure

3. Credit check (recommended)

An optional step to ensure your client's credit rating meets policy and provides an Agreement in Principle (AIP)

What you'll need:

Your client’s permission will be required as this may affect their credit rating.

Please note:

Any application fee paid (where applicable) is non-refundable and if the credit check is not completed the fee (where applicable) still applies. The application will only be progressed, and the product will only be secured, when the fee (where applicable) has been paid.

4. Illustration

Confirm product if not already chosen, and receive your illustration

What you'll need: 

  • To assign the loan amount to each product for applications with multiple products
  • Calculate the fees

5. Complete application

Provide final additional information

What you'll need:

Additional client information including:

  • Employer details
  • Property details
  • Bank account details
  • Legal representative’s details

6. Submit case

Submit the case with or without card details

What you'll need:

  • To check your application
  • To submit with or without card details

Please note:

You can submit your application without supplying card details, however, you will need to arrange for a separate payment of the mortgage fees (if applicable) at a later date.

The application will not be progressed and the rate will not be reserved until any outstanding fees (if applicable) are received.

Copy a case

Copy case can help you with:

  • adding or removing applicants
  • completing multiple applications for the same applicants
  • correcting any errors

When to use copy a case:

  • at any stage of the application process
  • for new purchase or remortgage applications
  • to copy cases from the Coventry to Godiva Mortgages and vice versa
  • for open, cancelled or completed cases

How it works

Copying a case is easy. Go to manage cases and find the existing case that you wish to copy. Select the 'copy case tab' and follow the on-screen instructions, accepting our terms and conditions.

We’ll automatically copy data to the new application from the original and you will need to check each page to ensure the information copied across is still correct, changing where applicable. To ensure we copy the details from one case to another correctly you will be required to re-enter some of the key information such as, application type, loan required, and bank details etc.

Important information for copying a case

If you have any queries about this or your application please call our New Lending Support Team on 0800 121 7788 (selecting option 1).

New business

Submitting and managing cases

We’re making it quicker and easier for you to do business with us by adding features to MSO. In the meantime there are two platforms for you to submit business on. The type of application you’re submitting will determine which one you need to use. 


The summary below shows which one to use and when. Plus, we’ve a step-by-step guide for each to help you.

Coventry for intermediaries

  • Buy to Let
  • Residential new build
  • Residential interest-only
  • Your client is aged 56 or over
  • Your client’s mortgage term goes beyond their retirement age and/or their retirement age is greater than 70 
  • Daily rate contractor
  • Using sources of income from multiple employments

Coventry for intermediaries MSO

  • Residential new business*
  • Offset new business*
*Excluding residential new build and interest-only cases, as well as when any client is borrowing into retirement and/or aged 56 or over, is a daily rate contractor or is using sources of income from multiple employments. 
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