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Offset can help your residential clients save money

With an Offset mortgage, your client’s savings offset the interest they pay on their mortgage. Even small regular savings can make a big difference. Our Offset product range includes Interest-only and repayment mortgages for residential properties. Have your clients considered an Offset mortgage?
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Why our Offset?

It’s easy to manage and can help save your clients money

  • One Offset savings account linked to the mortgage
  • It can reduce the term of mortgage or monthly repayments depending on the type of mortgage and switch between the two at any time.
  • Easy access to savings
  • Your clients can apply to borrow more at the same rate* 

*subject to eligibility, LTV and lending policy

How our Offset works

Your clients:

  • Will only pay interest on the difference between the Offset savings balance and the mortgage amount. So, their savings reduce the mortgage interest they pay
  • Can pay into their savings as often as they like with no minimum amount
  • Won’t pay income tax on their Offset savings – ideal if they’re self-employed
  • Have easy access to their savings whenever they need it.


Case studies
Offset savings for real-life scenarios

You don’t always need thousands in savings to benefit – even if you save a small amount regularly an Offset could be the best choice. Take a look at these real-life scenarios.

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