Green Together Reward

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Your clients can no longer apply for our Green Together Reward. If they have already made an application, they can still make a qualifying claim until 26 May 2024. More information on terms and conditions and eligibility.

Still looking to claim?

More than 20 types of efficiency improvements qualify and as long as your client spends at least £2,500 on them, they’ll get a one-time payment of £500 straight into their account. Remember - your client must have already applied for the reward.


Money is paid into your client's account within 30 days. Work must be carried out by a TrustMark Registered Business and we'll validate that as part of the claim. Improvements must be completed and claim form submitted before 26 May 2024 to qualify.

Missed out on our Green Together Reward?

We’ve launched a Green Further Advance product range, which rewards your clients for making Green energy efficient improvements to their home.
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Here’s how it works

Before 26 May 2024


Your client must have submitted an application prior to the reward closing. They must complete their mortgage, energy-efficiency improvements and claim form before 26 May 2024 in order to qualify. 

All of these energy-efficiency improvements are eligible 

Your client can choose up to six energy-efficiency improvements from this list, as long as they spend at least £2,500. There's no maximum spend but the work must be carried out by a TrustMark Registered Business.


Temperature control

Time and temperature zone control (for radiator systems or underfloor heating)

Additional thermostatic controls, warm air systems

Thermostatic radiator valves



Solid wall

Flat roofing

Room in roof


Cavity wall

Fill part wall

Suspended wooden floor

Solid floor

Loft insulation top-up

Renewable energy

Solar panels

Solar hot water system

Biomass boiler (wood pellets)

Wind turbine installation

Heat pumps

Air source

Ground source

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Doors and windows 

A-rated double or triple glazing (where replacing single glazing)

Secondary glazing (in addition to single glazing)

Draught-proofed windows

New insulated uPVC external doors (where replacing doors installed before 2002)

Draught proofed external doors

More information about the Green Together Reward

Important information

Your client will not be eligible for the Green Together Reward if they have not already submitted an application for the reward.


The £500 payment is a post-completion reward, entirely independent of any advice, product or decision involved in the mortgage application process.


Clients need to complete their mortgage, energy-efficiency improvements and provide their claim form before 26 May 2024 in order to qualify.

There's a minimum spend of £2,500
Your client must spend at least £2,500 on green improvements to their property to qualify for the £500 reward. There are more than 20 improvements that qualify and they can choose more than one (and up to six) in order to meet the minimum spend. There's no maximum spend.
Improvements must be carried out by a TrustMark Registered Business
TrustMark ensures that their Registered Businesses maintain standards of technical competence, customer service and trading practices. This guarantees the work will be high quality, protected and at a cost which has been agreed.
We aim to pay the reward within 30 days

When your client has submitted their claim, we'll check the details with TrustMark. As long as they can confirm the work has been carried out by a TrustMark Registered Business and reached our minimum spend of £2,500, we'll pay your client their £500 reward within 30 days. It'll go directly into the account they set up with us to make their mortgage payments.

If your client hasn't set up a Direct Debit for their mortgage payments, they'll need to contact us to let us know where we should send their £500 Reward.

If we can't validate the work
Ask your client to check that the business they used has registered the work with TrustMark. If they haven't, we won't be able to validate the claim and pay the reward.
If the work isn't completed in time
Things don't always go according to plan. If the supplier can’t finish the work in time, ask your client to let us know before 26 May 2024 and we'll do our best to help.
If your client isn't happy with the work

If there's a problem with the quality of the work, or your client is disappointed with the efficiency savings they're making, they should raise the issue with the Registered Business they used.

Coventry Building Society isn't responsible for any work that's carried out under the Green Together Reward.

One claim for each mortgaged property

Your client can have as much eligible work carried out on their property as they like, as long as they’ve met the minimum spend of £2,500, but they can only make one claim under the Green Together Reward for each mortgaged property with us.

If they have more than one mortgaged property with us and they carry out eligible home improvements for each one, they can claim a reward for each property as long as they fill in a separate application form and claim form for each one.

Rewards can only be claimed on properties mortgaged with us
The Green Together Reward can only be claimed on properties mortgaged with Coventry Building Society, Godiva Mortgages Limited or ITL, as long as your client is eligible.
About TrustMark

TrustMark is the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme that covers work a consumer chooses to have carried out in or around their home.

TrustMark Registered Businesses have been thoroughly vetted to meet high standards of customer service, technical competence and trading practices. If they don't meet these standards, or if there's any problem with the work they provide, then TrustMark will help to put things right.

We'll share some data with TrustMark

To make sure your client meets our criteria for the Green Together Reward, we'll share some of their data with TrustMark. But we'll only ever share their postcode and details of the home improvements they submit to us on the claim form – never any personal information such as their name or details of the mortgage they hold with us.

If a client registers for the Green Together Reward, they consent to us sharing data with TrustMark. Here's TrustMark's Privacy Policy.

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