Green Further Advance

A lower rate when your clients borrow more for energy efficiency improvements.

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Better rates for green home improvements

Around 21% * of the UK's total carbon emissions come from our homes, so if we can help people improve their energy efficiency, they’ll save money on their bills and it’s better for our planet.


With our Green Further Advance, your clients will benefit from a lower interest rate if they use at least 50% of their borrowing on improvements designed to make their property more energy efficient.


  • Green Further Advance is available for both BTL and residential clients as long as they’re not on an Offset mortgage.
  • The maximum loan amount is £25,000 – and our usual further advance LTV limits and criteria apply.
  • Your client must use at least half of the loan for energy-efficiency improvements. The rest of the money can be used for other home improvements.


There’s a wide range of efficiency improvements that qualify for Green Further Advance, including insulation, window and door improvements, and heating and energy installations. 


*Energy Saving Trust

Here's how it works: 

  •  Check your client’s improvements are on our list of eligible work
  • Ask them to get a quote for the work, ideally from a TrustMark Registered Business
  • Submit your client’s application in the usual way, sending us the installer’s quote so we can check eligibility.

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More information about Green Further Advance

Eligible customers

Our Green Further Advance is for BTL and residential clients who are existing customers of Coventry Building Society and Godiva Mortgages Limited.


Green Further Advance isn’t available for Offset clients.

  • Clients must meet current lending criteria and be eligible to borrow more with a further advance product.
  • They must have had their mortgage for at least six months and made six consecutive payments.

There's no product fee to pay

Our Green Further Advance is available on a range of products. All products are fee free.

The maximum loan limit is £25,000

The maximum a client can borrow is £25,000. The actual amount is dependent on our usual further advance LTV limits and criteria. 

At least half of the further advance should be spent on efficiency improvements

However much your client borrows, they must be planning to spend at least 50% of the loan making improvements to their property designed to reduce carbon emissions and make it more energy efficient. 


They can use the rest of the loan for any other type of home improvement.

We recommend that your client uses a TrustMark Registered Business

While your client can use any supplier to do the work, we recommend that they use a TrustMark Registered Business because they’re thoroughly vetted for customer service and quality. If there’s any problem with the work they provide, TrustMark will also help to put things right. 

How to apply

Your client will need to get a quote for the work which must be on headed paper and include labour and materials. You’ll need to include your client’s quote for the work when you submit your client’s application.
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