Quality monitoring and appeals process

Quality monitoring

The Coventry for intermediaries works with all mortgage professionals registered on its panel to ensure a productive relationship. This involves monitoring cases introduced to Coventry Building Society and Godiva Mortgages Limited to ensure they are of an appropriate quality and have been submitted in accordance with our terms and conditions. Any mortgage professional who does not meet the required standard may be issued with a warning and, whilst the Coventry for intermediaries will work with them in an attempt to attain the required quality, may ultimately be removed from the panel. In the case of a serious breach of the terms and conditions, removal from the panel may be without notice.

Appeals process

Any mortgage professional removed from the panel who wishes to appeal against this decision may do so; the Coventry for intermediaries operates an appeals process for this purpose. Any request for appeal should be sent by email or post to the Coventry for intermediaries, using the appropriate address listed within the contact us section.
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